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The Gladstone Sports and Health Centre (GSHC), located in the heart of Ottawa, provides affordable office space to various non-profit associations, thriving commercial companies, and health/sports oriented businesses.


Listed alphabetically, with suite numbers:

Bluink Ltd. (#230)
Website: bluink.ca
C&C Counselling (#365)
Website: cc-counsellingservices.ca
Canadian Lacrosse Association (#310)
Website: lacrosse.ca
CSEP — Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (#370)
Website: csep.ca
Concert Financial (#165)
Website: concertfinancial.com
Fundamentals: Child Behaviour Solutions (#210)
Website: childsolutions.ca
Geoff Makhoul, Personal Trainer (#281)
Website: geoffmakhoulpt.com
GEVC (#340)
Website: gevc.com
Landmark REH (#110)
Ottawa Ballet School (#140)
Website: ottawaballetschool.com
Ottawa Table Tennis Club (#240)
Website: www.ottawatabletennisclub.com
Quick Business Services (#330)
Website: quickbusiness.com
STEM Management (#110)
Techstone (#250)
Website: techstone.com/canada
The Hairapy Shop (#260)
Website: thehairapyshop.com
TMS International (#170)
Website: tmsin.com
TN Esthetics & Massage (#274)
Website: facebook.com/TNEsthetics.ca
Topshape Fitness Studio (#280)
Website: topshapeinc.com


The current operational costs are $13.50/sq foot. Additionally, the rental rate ranges between $14 and $15 psf depending on floor and space. The entire building is completely accessible. There are no leasing opportunities at this time, but for more information, see Contact Us and speak with Melanie.


Formerly the St. Agnes Primary School, the building on 18 Louisa was purchased by the Polish Church next door in 2007 when the school was made redundant by the Catholic School Board. Close to one year later in 2008, a group of former table tennis enthusiasts gathered together to purchase the building from the Church, which did not have any further plans for the building... and the idea of a sports and health centre was born.

The initial goal of the Gladstone Sports and Health Centre (GSHC) was to give the Canadian national table tennis team a permanent training centre, to create a centre mainly for non-profit organizations with affordable rent and ultimately — to create a sense of pride in the community. Of course all potential tenants are welcome, but the main emphasis is on health, fitness, dance and sports oriented tenants.

In July 2010, GSHC replaced the derelict and abandoned building with a dynamic and vibrant sports and health building.

For an interesting overview of how 18 Louisa has 'metamorphosed' into what it is today — the Gladstone Sports and Health Centre (GSHC) — check out:

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GSHC Address
18 Louisa Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 6Y6
Facility Manager — responsible for the maintenance of the building and its systems, parking and security.
Marles Martins
Tel.: 613-866-2460
Email: marlesm@gshcmail.com
GSHC Coordinator — responsible for leasing/rentals, scheduling, finances, tenant concerns.
Melanie Ostashek
Tel.: 613-263-0301
Email: melanie@gshcmail.com